Block Six Apartments
Property Information
  • Block Six Apartments
  • 624 Main Avenue
  • Fargo, ND  58103
  • phone: (701) 639-4949
  • fax: (701) 235-5410
  • email:

Office Hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Welcome Home

Block 6 Apartments are strategically located in the heart of Downtown Fargo. Originally built in 1894 as the home for the deLendrecies Department Store, this building was converted into apartments in 1987 and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each apartment has a different floor plan with its own unique design. Typical features include tall ceilings, huge windows, underground parking, elevators, and plenty of extra storage lockers. If you're looking for a warm, cozy building with a lot of character, Block 6 Apartments is your place!

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